Learning Resources

The LRC has a total collection of more than 20,000 printed volumes including books, textbooks and dissertations. The collections of books is organized and arranged in open access shelves. The details of the collection are mentioned below:

  • Textbooks / General Collection: The largest collection in the LRC, this includes textbooks books in accordance with academic curricula and is suitable for professional reading and research.
  • Reference Materials: While most books are available for loaning, this section has borrowable conventional reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, handbooks, manuals, directories, yearbooks, etc. for ready reference and general information. Dissertations, periodicals and books on career development are also available. Subject to copyright regulations, the reference material can be photocopied.
  • Journals and Magazines: National and international research journals with academic and research orientation; magazines of subjective value and general interests are also subscribed by the LRC. Besides this, LRC subscribes to seven daily newspapers including one each in Hindi and Bengali languages.
  • Light Reading: An impressive light reading collection including leisure, sports, fiction, personality development, etc. is available can also be borrowed.
  • Syllabus & Question Papers: Syllabus of all courses offered at the institute and question papers of previous exams are also available for consultation.
  • Electronic Resources: LRC has established access to a large number of online electronic information resources, such as e-journals, e-books, abstract, interviews and bibliographic databases for research purpose.
  • Non-book Materials: DVDs and CDs on movies in English, Hindi and Bengali, environmental issues, communication skills and on general topics are available. They are issued to teaching staff only and can be shared with students during class hours.