The Anti-Ragging Cell, as a statutory body has been constituted as per UGC guidelines. The looks into the cases of ragging or any other student centered conflicts in the College. Due to the presence of strong discipline in the College, incidents of ragging have not been reported at any level in the last 50 years.

The Cell Comprises of The Following Members:

  1. Prof. Deepali Singhee (Principal) - Chairperson
  2. Dy. Secretary General (Governing Body Member) - Member
  3. Dean, Department of Management
  4. Head (of Concerned Department to which the student / staff belongs) - Member
  5. Mrs. Amita Dutta (Senior Faculty, Depts. of Science) - Member
  6. Dr. Manjishtha Sur Roychowdhury - (Faculty, Dept. of Management) - Member
  7. Mrs. A.S Manjulakshmi (Senior Faculty, Dept. of Commerce) - Member
  8. Mrs. Priya Diwedi (Student’s Liaison Officer) - Member
  9. Head Girl/Boy (of the Concerned Department) - Member