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Student’s Council Body (SCB)

The purpose of the Students' Council Body is to act on behalf of all college students in judiciously advancing interests, goals and concerns of the students. It consists of elected student representatives from the Student's Administrative body. It comprises in total of about 21 members from both the departments including the Principal, Student's Liaison Officer and appointed faculty members. The body works towards attaining both academic and social welfare of all stakeholders.

Student’s Council Body21 MEMBERS

  • Principal → 1
  • 1 Teacher Representative each from the Dept. of Sciences & Dept. of Commerce → 2
  • 1 Head Girl each from the Dept of Sciences & Dept of Commerce → 2
  • 2 Representatives (any year) each from the 5 UG Depts of Sciences (FSNM, TCFS, ID, HD & HSc) → 10
  • 4 Representatives (one each from each year) from the Depts of Commerce → 4
  • 1 Representative from PGDDAN → 1
  • 1 Representative from M.Sc (any year / specialization) → 1
  • Session 2016-2017

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