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Research Committee

The college has a Research Committee that strives to make a contribution to the furthering of research at the Institute. The Research Committee is responsible for providing vision and leadership in relation to research and research training. The functions of the Research Committee are to consider and recommend an annual research plan at the post-graduate level which is a part of the curriculum, select and recommend areas of research activity for preferential support, and promote and monitor research activity within different departments.

  1. Principal (Chairperson): Dr. Deepali Singhee
  2. Representative HD Deptt.: Dr. Krishnakali Bhattacharyya
  3. Representative HD Deptt.: Dr. Priya Pathak
  4. Representative TCFS Deptt.: Dr. Shweta Tuteja
  5. Representative TCFS Deptt.: Ms. V. Sujitha
  6. Representative FSNM Deptt.: Dr. Adrija Sarkar
  7. Representative FSNM Deptt.: Dr. Manika Das
  8. Representative FSNM Deptt.: Dr. Anindita Deb Pal
  9. Representative Commerce Deptt. : Dr. Rachana Kejriwal
  10. Representative Commerce Deptt. : Dr. Namrata Maheshwari

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