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Personality Development & Soft Skill Training

Soft Skills Classes @ JDBI


Success in professional and personal life is determined by one's ability to communicate effectively with others. 'Social intelligence', or the ability to interact, converse, negotiate with, and persuade others, is highly paid and respected form of skill one can have, and this can be developed.

All of us can learn to be a warm, friendly, likeable and charming individual just by practicing some of the communication methods and techniques used by the most influential and effective people in our world today.

The 'secrets' of great communicators are not secrets at all. They are simply proven methods of interacting with others in a way that makes them open to us and receptive to our message. As a result, they are more willing to be influenced by us, to buy from us, to hire or employ us, to enter into business and personal relationship with us, and to think about us in positive terms.

Our ability to be charming, to be genuinely likeable and pleasant person is likely to open more doors for us than any other quality we could ever have. The more people like us and think of us warmly, the more they will want to see us, listen to us, work with us, be in our presence and invite us to be in theirs. Learning and practicing the simple techniques about charming people would dramatically improve the effectiveness and enjoyment of our interactions with everyone, starting with our immediate family and extending to everyone we meet.

We would be more successful, earn more money, get promoted faster, make more sales, prevail in more negotiations, and be more persuasive and influential with everyone we meet. All we need to achieve this is to brush up on our soft skills.

JD Birla Institute in collaboration with ILEAD Foundation is regularly conducting soft skills classes at their campus for the last eight years. They are one of the most popular class and most of the participant, their friends and parents feel that these classes have transformed them completely to become not only better human being but also more confident, happy and effective persons.

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