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Logo, Vision, Mission & Objectives

The J. D. Birla Institute Ethos

An educational institution of distinction, J. D. Birla Institute (Departments of Sciences and Commerce) places high value on providing its students with fulfilling educational experiences in their chosen discipline and achieve their individual goals.

Our Logo

The Institute’s logo represents a well-known shloka from the Brhadarnyaka Upanishad (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad – I.iii.28) -
Asato ma sadgamaya tamaso ma jyotirgamaya mrtyorma amrtam gamaya
Lead us from all that is untrue and unreal to what is real and true.
Lead us from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge.
Lead us from death to immortality.

Our Vision

To establish ourself as a leading college providing higher education of higher standards with integrity, consistency and due diligence.

Our Mission

To prepare the future generation with academic excellence and practical skill-set needed to face global challenges and lead the country into the world of the future.

Our Objectives

  • To acquire knowledge and skills in the pursuit of academic excellence aimed at advancement into higher education, research and extension activities.
  • To educate within a dynamic system structured towards varied professional and vocational applications for career design and development.
  • To work proactively towards individual and group goals within an integrated setting of diverse socio-cultural members.
  • To attain self-reliance through balance of freedom and discipline within the body, mind and spirit.

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