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Internal Quality Advisory Committee (IQAC)

The Institute formed an Internal Quality Advisory Committee (IQAC) for quality enhancement in 2004 following recommendations and proposal made by the NAAC. The IQAC is committed to


Prepare a plan of action for the institute

1. periodically assess the efficacy and quality of all aspects of JD Birla Institute's areas of operation

2. identify aspects that require re-thinking, development or improvement.

3. ensure continuous self-assessment and upgrading in every sphere of our functioning.



  1. Principal (Dr. Deepali Singhee)
    Senior Administrative Officers
  1. Chief Administrator (Ms. Rita Bibra)
    Teacher Members
  1. Head of TCFS Dept. (Mrs. Samita Gupta)
  2. Head of FSNM Dept. (Ms. Damanjeet Kaur)
  3. Head of HD Dept. (Mrs. Geetika Sachdeva)
  4. Head of Commerce (UG) Dept.(Dr. Rachana Kejriwal)
  5. Head of BBA Dept.(Mr. Tapobrata Ray)
  6. Head of Commerce (PG) Dept.-UG (Mrs. A.S. Majulakshmi)
  7. Head of Science (PG) Depts. (Dr. Adrija Sarkar)
  8. Teacher Representative- Dept. of Management (Mr. Sumanta Bhattacharya)
  9. Teacher Representative- Dept. of ID (Mrs. Amita Dutta)
    Members from the Management
  1. Governing Body Member (Mr. Nakulaeshwar Banerjee)
  2. Director - Dept. of Management (Dr. J.N. Mukhophadhyay)
    Nominee from Local Society, Students & Alumni:
  1. Former Vice Chancellor, Presidency University (Prof. Amita Chatterjee)
  2. Social Worker (Mrs. Roma Sengupta)
    Nominees from Employers /Industrialists/Stakeholders
  1. Disha Foundation (Ms. Nina Singh, Director)
  2. Exide Industries Ltd (Mr. MBV Rau, General Manager- HR)
    Coordinator of the IQAC
  1. Asst. Prof. (Dr. Shweta Tuteja)
  1. Librarian (Ms. Mayuri Biswas)

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