Themes for Paper Presentations (Oral / Poster)

CATEGORY 1: Food & Nutrition (FN)

Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Nutrition

Food & Agricultural Waste Management

Use of Alternative Renewal Resource in Food Processing

Role of Environment on Public Health


CATEGORY 2: Textiles, Clothing & Fashion (TCF)

Recycling & Conservation of Resources

Organic Textiles, Eco-colouring and Finishing of Green Textiles

Textile Industry and its Environmental Impact

Eco-Management in Textiles


CATEGORY 3: Human Development, Family and Society (HDFS)

Sustainability and Human Development

Relationship Between Environment and Human Security

Role of Community Engagement in Environmental Conservation and Capacity Building.

Climate Change: Indigenous People and Adaptation.


CATEGORY 4: Architecture and Interior Designing (AID)

Impact of Urban Development on Environment and Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Designing & Green Buildings

Use of Renewable Energy in Urban Planning

Urban Waste Management


CATEGORY 5: Commerce & Management (CM)

Environmental Management

Environmental Policies and Planning

Promoting Sustainable Environment

Economic Analysis of Sustainability

Impact of Industrialization on the Environment

Corporate Assault on Environmentalism

Ecology and Economics

Environmental Business - The Issues of Distributive Justice and Procedural Ethics

Emerging Contaminants - Outcome and Consequences of the Use of Consumer Products.