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Academic Council (Formerly HOD FORUM)

The HoD Forum is constituted of all the Heads of the Departments of the college with the Principle as the Chairperson and one senior faculty as the Secretary. The Forum meets at regular intervals for discussion academic and administrative matters to provide a smooth functioning of activities for each department.


1.Prof. Deepali Singhee, Principal - Chairperson

2.Mrs. Samita Gupta, Head, Deptt. of Textile Science, Clothing & Fashion Studies - Secretary

3.Mr. Tapobrata Ray, Head, Deptt. of Management

4.Mrs. Smita Parekh, Head, Deptt. of Interior Designing

5.Mrs. Pritha Sen, Head, Deptt. of Commerce

6.Dr. Adrija Sarkar, Head, Deptt. of Food Science & Nutrition Management

7.Ms. Geetika Sachdeva, Head, Deptt. of Human Development


Prof. Deepali Singhee Mrs. Samita Mr. Tapobrata Ray
Mrs. Smita Parekh Mrs. Pritha Sen Dr. Adrija Sarkar
Ms. Geetika Sachdeva

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