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Governing Body

Comprises of the following Members:

This is the highest decision making body of the college and comprises of the following members:

1. Mrs. Sumangala Birla - Chairperson Governing Body, JDBI

2. Ms. Rita Bibra - Chief Administrator, JDBI

3. Mr. Nakuleshwar Banerjee - Deputy Secretary General, Vidya Mandir Society

4. Mr. Jwala Prasad Agarwal - Representative, Sukriti Education Society

5. Dr. J.N. Mukhophadhyay - Director, Department of Management, JDBI

6. UGC Nominee

7. State Government Nominee

8. Prof. Siddhartha Datta -Former Pro-Vice Chancellor (University Nominee)

9. Mrs. Roma Sengupta - Educationist and Social Worker

10. Mrs. Parul Swarup - Educationist and Industrialist

11. Ms. Rachana Kejriwal - Head, Dept. of Commerce

12. Mr. Mohammad Feroz - Asst. Prof., Dept. of Management

13. Dr. Deepali Singhee - Principal, JDBI (Secretary)

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